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It never surprises me when I hear people say, “Publishing? I never knew there were so many layers to it — so many jobs involved, so many books churned out each year, so many conventions and book signings, it’s own TRENDS, PREJUDICES and MOVEMENTS. I had NO idea.” 🙂 Well, now, you’ll never have to say that again.

Every Wednesday, I’ll post about the latest trends and news in publishing — the biggest books, the obscure ones that SHOULD have been mentioned, and the movements within the industry that help to shape our society and our way of thinking. I did my Masters degree in Publishing in London, and, during that experience and beyond, I’ve realized that there’s a whole publishing WORLD out there that most people know nothing about. Well, now you have me to tell you alllllll about it, from past experiences I’ve had, to publishing anecdotes and more, join me every Wednesday for a new post and a new perspective.


 April 18, 2018  With the press release released yesterday proclaiming Amazon Launches the International Shopping Experience in the Amazon Shopping App I had to go ahead and admit that Amazon is taking yet another step forward toward gobbling up the world. This app allows Chileans access to the same shopping experience we here in the States enjoy every day, pushing…Read More


 April 11, 2018 Hey guys! Thanks to everyone who’s inboxed me and responded to my Goodreads post about this blog topic with elaborations and even more examples! One of my favorites was from one of my Goodreads followers who listed Last of the Mohicans as an example of the White Savior Complex. I wholly agree. I’ll take your Last of … Read More



 April 4, 2018  Stereotypes are EVERYWHERE. They abound in movies, books, and music and trend in pop culture like crazy. It gets to the point – I know I can’t be the only one 😊 – where it can be difficult to even point these tropes out anymore, so ingrained are they in our understanding of plot lines, personal narratives and pop culture in general… Read More



March, 28, 2018 One of the latest trends in publishing, sweeping across social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, and driving corporate movements like the establishment of Diversity and Inclusion guides in major publishing houses, is #OwnVoices. It’s a trend that particularly brings a smile to my face, because I actually wrote my Masters thesis on Diversity… Read More


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