Suicide Club by Rachel Heng #bookreview #futuristic #rachelheng #SuicideClub #bookblog #thenavireview

Hardcover, 339 pages Published July 10th 2018 by Henry Holt and Co. In this debut set in near future NYC—where lives last 300 years and the pursuit of immortality is all-consuming—Lea must choose between her estranged father and her chance to live forever. Lea Kirino is a “Lifer,” which means that a roll of the genetic … More Suicide Club by Rachel Heng #bookreview #futuristic #rachelheng #SuicideClub #bookblog #thenavireview

Freshwater by Akwaeke Emezi

Hardcover, 240 pages Expected publication: February 13th 2018 by Grove Press An extraordinary debut novel, Freshwater explores the surreal experience of having a fractured self. It centers around a young Nigerian woman, Ada, who develops separate selves within her as a result of being born “with one foot on the other side.” Unsettling, heartwrenching, dark, and powerful, Freshwater is a … More Freshwater by Akwaeke Emezi

Things That Happened Before the Earthquake by Chiara Barzini

Hardcover, 320 pages Expected publication: August 15th 2017 by Doubleday Books Welcome to LA? Nineties’ Hollywood gets an Italian makeover in this poignant and ruefully funny coming-of-age novel featuring a teenage girl who’s on shaky ground in more ways than one. Mere weeks after the 1992 riots that laid waste to Los Angeles, Eugenia, a … More Things That Happened Before the Earthquake by Chiara Barzini