Caviar Series: Chronicles of a Foodie Girl

I’ve been busy trying to find myself the past few years, but, then again, haven’t we all? As most people do at this age, I’ve been searching for myself, but I don’t seem to want to be found. Recently, I’ve been amazed at how many of my friends in my age bracket [28-35ish] have been feeling this way, wondering if we’ve made the right choices in life so far, wondering why our lives aren’t the way we’d envisioned them, wondering why dating is so hard, why marriage doesn’t look like a Cinderella story like the grown folks said it would with all those damned Disney movies they fed us, wondering why ladder climbing is so arduous. It’s cause enough to drive us crazy, to drive us to texting each other after work things like: SORRY, WONT BE ANSWERING MY PHONE WHEN I GET HOME CUZ I NEED TO GRAB A DRINK & FIGURE OUT MY LIFE.

Many of you don’t know these things about me, but now’s your chance to figure them out, my open book to you. This series, Caviar, is the life and times of an admittedly witty, often wry, newly-30-something as she eats and drinks her way through the cities…and her growing pains that sometimes feel like incessant cramps. You know me for my book reviews and author interviews–two of my absolute joys in life–and now you can get to know another side of me, too. Follow along, and we’ll uncover new things together.



Episode 1, il Giallo Osteria & Bar

August 9, 2018: Another rainy summer afternoon in Atlanta, Georgia.

When I met her for dinner last week, a massive storm had just hit Atlanta out of nowhere. Continue Reading…


 August 19, 2018: A day in Norcross that couldn’t decide if it felt like being overcast or sunny. We started the day off with Bailey’s and bourbon in lidded coffee cups. You know, the kind that keep in the heat or the cold of your beverage so you can stroll around sipping all morning. Continue Reading …