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20160217_164216The Navi Review is a no holds barred, authentically candid look at the novels, short story collections and occasional biography out today. If you’re deciding whether or not a book is worth the money–or the time–turn here to get the honest scoop on it before plunging into your wallet on an unsure bet!

Blogger Navidad Thelamour has a background in the literary world and the guts to say it straight! With a B.A. in English, Creative Writing from Georgia State University and a M.A. in Publishing from Kingston University, London, she covers all sides of the lit industry. She’s worked within the walls of some of the publishing greats (room for a joke or debate on traditional vs. self-pub here) like Hachette Livre, Little, Brown and Random House (just before they teamed up with Penguin). She’s also worked with great non-fiction only houses like Zed Books, edited dozens of full-length manuscripts of all genres for both About Words Agency and Holloway Literary Agency, and worked with author J.J. Hensley as editor and agent on his renowned debut novel, Resolve! Armed with a love for books and a professional history doused in all things literary, she’s here to be your guide into this foray of literary treats at your fingertips!

Drop her a line or question anytime; start a raucous debate or add your input in a comment; no holds barred! Want Navidad to review your next book, edit your manuscript for publication, or to partner with your literary journal, publishing house, or review site on review projects and author interviews? Looking to be a guest writer for a post here at The Navi Review or for Navi to write a post on your blog? Email her at navidad.thelamour@gmail.com. And don’t forget to follow the blog on Twitter @thenavireview AND on Goodreads!