The Other Americans!

Hey Book Lovers! Welcome to The Other Americans!

The time is FINALLY here! My own book, The Other Americans, releases January 22, 2019! I can’t believe that this book, these characters, this narrative is FINALLY in my hands–in hard form–for readers to enjoy! As it is for most authors, it’s been a long but satisfying road, and I LOVE these characters. They’re hilarious and biting and bitter and flirty and yearning and downtrodden, bruised and broken. They’ve been with me for years, as I’ve been getting to know them like good friends, so that you can now get to know them too! I hope you’ll love them as I do!

This page is the OFFICIAL one-stop shop for all things The Other Americans! Follow me here as I post updates on what’s going on with the book, including interviews, podcasts AND photos and videos from my release party, which will be held in downtown Atlanta on January 26, 2019! Got a question about me or the book? Ask it here! Can’t wait to chat with you! Pre-order it here!

And find The Other Americans on Goodreads here!

That moment when you receive a box of your OWN ARCs! It feels like the most surreal version of heaven. Hey, maybe that should be the name of a cocktail or something, or even of my NEXT book: the most surreal version of heaven 🙂



There was a larger world out there, wasn’t there? She remembered it, she was sure. A world that she’d once navigated with poise and anticipation, with optimism and buoyancy. But, it was out there, and she was in here.It was out there, and she was in here.A timely and powerful novel about what it means to navigate hidden status lines in black America and what it means to step over them. At once a family saga, a glimpse behind the veil of a broken marriage, and a quest for the new-age American Dream, THE OTHER AMERICANS explores the treacherous fault lines of American culture.

The Dessommes family has had their share of troubles — as rival siblings Vince and Jillian can attest — but as Vince prepares to step into his birthright as CEO of the family’s holdings, the repercussions of this looming shift in power and a cascade of events bring together a diverse cast of characters: Vince’s wife Delaney, a would-be social worker who unwittingly gave up her chance at a career for a ritzy marriage she never really wanted; her best friend, Aaliyah, who still believes in the American Dream, even though her trials with corporate climbing make it more and more difficult to put faith in; Micah, a social and corporate climber who has everything Aaliyah is trying to attain but still reaches for more – possibly to their detriment; Nigel, a former classmate of Vince who’s confounded by the extravagant world Vince travels in and tries to resist the unrelenting pull it has on his life; Paige, the prodigal daughter of a Dessommes family friend whose reputation precedes her; and Jillian, the abdicated social princess of their circle who has a little problem with razor blades and haunting memories from her past that never seem to go away. As the characters – deeply divided by skin color and class lines – collide, often unbeknownst to each of them, their lives weave together and touch each other poignantly.

Set in the American South and with chapter titles inspired by popular Southern sayings, The Other Americans is an ode to a culture and an exploration of “the other Americans,” the little-known subculture of elitist African Americans whose high society and centuries-old social prejudices are rarely explored. Walking the lines of cultural fissures and boundaries, The Other Americans is a family saga of this lineage’s unspoken past and the way that sisterhood can pull us back from the brink of self-destruction…or push us to it.


Cutting deep into the fabric of family ties and the scars of their upbringings, the Dessommes family is forced to confront its secrets as they learn what happens when class lines clash inside of a crucible of decades-old allegiances and social prejudices — and of how far we’ll go to harm ourselves…and others. What unfolds is a stunning portrait of the heart and core of an American family in a story that is as page-turning as it is significant.

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