A Little Something Shiny – Pretty Books We Buy But Never Read!

Every now and then, we avid readers all get bitten by the Little Something Shiny book bug, don’t we? During your stroll down a bookstore aisle, you may pass by a dazzling new book cover that calls your name to be picked up or the irresistible call of an author you love or have heard about in recent buzz feeds. Either way, we all have our moments of weakness where we buy a book for the exterior appeal, only to find that we never once crack the spine on it. Here are a few of mine! Which Little Something Shiny books do you have on your shelves?

Displaying 20170521_113202.jpg I think the appeal of this one is obvious–the very epitome of a Little Something Shiny, Crazy Rich Asians called my name from the moment I saw it! Of course, I’d also heard the buzz all around this one, the debut novel must-have by all accounts in all of the commercial novel circles. So, I grabbed it–but, shamefully, it’s never been cracked open once! Soon though!

Displaying 20170521_113116.jpg Navi Review followers know what a fan I am of Stephen L. Carter. His prose is absolutely poetic, his voice an easy stand-out in the crowd. When I started backtracking through his fictions works, I ran across this one and was immediately sold by the Trinity force of name recognition, book flap description and the White House looming on its cover, hidden in the shrouds of what promised to be another mystery. Of course, I have every intention of reading Palace Council, but I haven’t been able to just yet!

Displaying 20170521_113057.jpgThe Chronicles of Narnia. Need I say more? This one is an absolute classic, beloved by all. The cover grabbed me from across the room and its preceding reputation urged me toward the register, but it has become another casualty of my Little Something Shiny book collection.

Displaying 20170521_113031.jpgThe Black Isle is a truly special one to me. I found this little gem while I was interning at Little, Brown in London. One of amazing perks of being an intern there was our access to The Book Vault. IMAGINE, an actual vault (well, there was no safe-like combination to this vault, but it was shaped and doored like one nonetheless) where you can go and take home books that have as yet been unreleased to the masses! As you can see, this one was a pre-release copy, which I snagged and brought back home with me, all the way across the pond to the U.S. Still, haven’t even started page one on this one yet though.

Displaying 20170521_113008.jpgGod Help the Child was a pure and simple case of Respect=Purchase. Toni Morrison is a phenomenal writer, whose novels I’ve been exposed to since high school and whose one and only published short story, “Recitatif,” quite literally changed my life and my outlook on short stories. So, when I spotted this minimalist cover with simple covers popping out at me, I immediately wanted it and sincerely intended to jump on reading it ASAP! But, the day has not yet come that I’ve done so.

Displaying 20170521_112944.jpgMy version of My Dear I Wanted to Tell You is another uncorrected proof that I was gifted with during my time interning in the London offices of various publishing houses. I did not, however, intern at HarperCollins, the imprint that produced this novel, so I’m not sure of which house I picked it up at. Back in those days, there was absolutely NO cooler feeling than knowing that I was reading a novel that the masses hadn’t seen yet. The thing about My Dear is, though, it was the cover art of this uncorrected proof that grabbed my attention. Because I generally have no interest in wartime romances, it’s highly unlikely that this one will ever be read or reviewed, BUT, it looks great on my shelves. 🙂

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